Business Consultancy

It’s often difficult to know precisely the type of resources that you will need when you’re beginning a project, which is why our team has cultivated the skills and expertise to support a wide variety of technical needs. A few of the information technology consulting solutions that we offer include:

Strategic IT Planning

Short-term and long-term strategic IT planning is a necessity for modern businesses with hundreds of moving parts and workflows. Whether you’re considering a shift from on-premise applications and servers to cloud-based solutions or simply need to upgrade your current security structures, our strategic IT planning team will help ensure that you’re making decisions with the best possible information at your fingertips.

Security Assessments

Physical security and digital security are deeply intertwined, which is why the team at Pheonix Neuvotech Media supports your holistic security needs. Our cyber-security professionals are well-versed in protecting against the latest ransomware threats, ensuring that your company stays under the radar of these enterprising cyber-criminals. We also provide a variety of physical security options for your operations, including surveillance and access control systems, to limit the possibility of a physical intrusion into your secure locations.

Network Design

Thoughtful network design requires a holistic view of your network, and this is where the professionals at Pheonix Neuvotech Media excel. We can help manage network upgrades, first-time setups, and office moves with ease, drawing on years of experience working with organizations of all sizes to ensure that your network is always running smoothly and efficiently to support your company.

HIPAA/HITECH Assessments

Don’t leave patient, employee, or customer information unattended. We have extensive experience with HIPAA and HITECH audits and assessments, allowing us to quickly pinpoint areas of your operations that may need additional protection or control. Massive fines and even criminal liabilities are a possibility if your organization is found to be out of compliance with this critical data privacy, storage, and retrieval requirements.

Business Continuity Planning

Keeping your company’s operations moving in the event of a cyber-security incident or other disaster requires foresight and planning and a strong business continuity strategy. The professionals at Pheonix Neuvotech Media will work closely with your teams to ensure you have communications, operations, and customer engagements fully defined, so you’re not caught in a difficult situation without a path forward for your operations.

Working with the best and brightest technical minds in the industry, Pheonix Neuvotech Media takes particular pride in our information technology consulting solutions. We know that technology is integral to the success of your organization, and our teams work hard to de-mystify technical solutions — making them approachable for people at all levels of technical knowledge. Contact our team of experts at (986) 001-9925 or via email to to learn more about the various industries that we support in Salinas and the surrounding areas. From one-time strategic planning with your staff to long-term support of complex integrations and platform upgrades, our IT consulting professionals have the experience needed to drill down through complexity and find the solutions that will enhance your business operations and efficiency.